Introduction to Microprocessor-based
Systems Design

(by G.Donzellini)

The new book “Introduction to Microprocessor-based Systems Design”, written by me, Andrea Mattia Garavagno and Luca Oneto, is available.

The book is targeted to a first course on microprocessor-based systems design for Engineering and Computer Science students. The ”digital contents” of the book are available, as public materials, on this web site. They provide the materials for the simulation of all the examples and exercises presented in the text: Deeds files, figures, assembly programs, and other resources that can be useful to the learner.

The book starts introducing the fundamental concepts, followed by a practical path that guides readers to developing a basic microprocessor example, using a step-by-step problem-solving approach. Then, a second microprocessor is presented, and readers are guided to the implementation and programming of microcomputer systems based on it. In the last chapter, different microprocessor-based systems, specifically thought for educational purposes, are developed, simulated and implemented on FPGA-based platforms.

Here a few excerpts from the book (click on a page to enlarge it, click again to reduce it):

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