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In this web site you'll find digital circuits, ideas, projects, tools for simulation and testing on FPGA, and more. A complete learning path to understanding and designing digital systems, supported step-by-step by Deeds simulator. We tried to do our best but... is up to you to judge if our "deeds" (literal meaning of the word!) are good or bad...



Introduction to Digital Systems Design (Second Edition)

The second edition of the book “Introduzione al progetto di sistemi digitali” (Italian version of Introduction to Digital Systems Design), just completed by me and the co-authors Luca Oneto, Domenico Ponta and Davide Anguita, is available... (read more)


Installing Deeds on MAC, Linux and IOS

The instructions on how to install Deeds on MAC, Linux and IOS systems have been updated... (read more)


New Deeds version published (2.50.200)

The new version introduces the Digital Storage Oscilloscope (DSO) (associated with the virtual DAC component) and the new Attenuator components... (read more)


Introduction to Microprocessor-based Systems Design

The new book “Introduction to Microprocessor-based Systems Design”, written by me and Andrea Mattia Garavagno and Luca Oneto, is available... (read more)


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Ideas & Projects


Synchronous Serial Transmitter (4 bits)

In this example, we’ll design a simplified 4-bits synchronous serial transmitter... (read more)


Synchronous Serial Receiver (4 bits)

Let’s design a 4-bits synchronous serial receiver. The unit will receive serial sequences on... (read more)


Synchronous Serial Communication System (4 bits)

In this example, starting from the two previous projects (Serial Transmitter, Serial Receiver), we’ll connect the TX and RX modules to obtain a complete... (read more)


Testing a Serial Communication System (4 bits) on FPGA

In this example, we start from the previous project (Synchronous Serial Communication System), to implement it on a FPGA board... (read more)

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