A short history of Deeds

Deeds was born out of the coordination of a few thesis works on design and simulation of digital networks, at the Engineering School  of the University of Genoa (Italy). A development team was formed...   (read more)

Deeds Development

(Authors listed in historical order)

Umberto Pedrotti

  • Deeds-DcS:
    • Database and Netlisting
    • Timing Diagram

Alessandro Bovone

  • Deeds-DcS:
    • Circuit Editor
    • Component Graphics

Fabio De Vincenzi

  • Deeds-DcS:
    • Event Driven Simulation Kernel

Paolo Borzone

  • Deeds-DcS:
    • Finite State Machine HDL Editor (currently set aside, will be re-added soon)

Fulvio Spinelli

  • Deeds-FsM:
    • ASM Chart Editor and Compiler
    • ASM Simulator

Antonio Poliseno

  • Deeds-McE:
    • Source Code Editor
    • Assembler
    • Interactive Debugger

Giuliano Donzellini

  • Deeds-DcS:
    • Circuit Image Saving
    • Database and Netlisting Extentions
    • Timing Diagram Enhancement
    • Component Graphics Enhancement
    • Bus Connection and Bus Component Library Extensions
    • Arithmetic Circuit Components
    • Tri-state and Bidirectional Buffers, Wires and Busses
    • DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) Components
    • DAC Digital Storage Oscilloscope (DSO)
    • CBE (Circuit Block Elements) Components
    • CBE Symbol Editor
    • Simulation CBE Viewer
    • Text Box and Backdrop Objects
    • VHDL Generation
    • FPGA Export and Testing
    • FPGA Boards Support and Testing

  • Deeds-FsM:
    • ASM Chart Editor and Compiler Enhancement
    • Component Definition Dialog

  • Deeds-McE:
    • DMC8 Assembler Revision
    • D8080 Assembler Extension
    • Interactive Debugger Enhancement
    • D8080 Debugger Extention
    • DMC8 and D8080 Core Extention (Vectorized Interrupts)

  • All tool:
    • Inter-process Communication (between the tools)
    • General Maintenance and Enhancements

Learning Material Development

Giuliano Donzellini, Domenico Ponta

'Digital Electronics Deeds' website

Giuliano Donzellini

Special Thanks (in alphabetical order)

Andrea Mattia Garavagno

  • Overall extensive testing and bug report.

Arkadi Poliakov

  • Overall extensive testing and bug report.

Christian Gianoglio

  • Overall extensive testing and bug report.

Edoardo Ragusa

  • Help in multiplier VHDL coding and overall extensive testing and bug report.

Luca Oneto

  • Overall extensive testing and bug report.

Luis Claudio Gamboa Lopes

  • Help in DMC8 Enhanced Microcomputer development and testing; suggestions and testing about the anti-plagiarism system; overall extensive testing and bug report.

Marcelo Dantas

  • Help in DE10-Lite, DE2-70, DE0-Nano Support and Testing.

Stefano Nervi

  • Help in VHDL coding and testing.

William Samuel Frau

  • Help in DE1-SoCsupport, testing and bug report.