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Boolean Algebra and Combinational Logic

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1.5 Definition of Boolean Algebra

1.6 The Fundamental Properties of Boolean Algebra

Associative Law

Duality or De Morgan’s Theorem

1.7 Other Operations


Generalized XOR

1.10 Level of Boolean Expressions

1.16 Combinational Networks

1.16.1 Example: Logical Network Analysis

1.16.2 Example: Two-Level Logical Network Analysis

1.16.3 Example: Circuit Schematic of a Logical Network (1)

1.16.4 Example: Circuit Schematic of a Logical Network (2)

1.16.6 Example: Circuit Schematic from the Truth Table

1.16.8 Example: Two Channels Multiplexer (Selector)

Canonical Synthesis


1.17 Exercises

Exercise 7:

Exercise 10:

1.18 Solutions

Exercise 7:

Exercise 8a:

Exercise 8b:

Exercise 8c:

Exercise 8d:

1. Errata Corrige (Chapter 1)

Page 13

Change the first truth table as follows: